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    Kristian Here

    Post by BlazeRaze on 7/22/2013, 12:31 am

    Hi, Everyone

    I'm Kayzki from CyanPro! BlazeRaze is my RWBY RolePlay Character! So Limme
    Introduce as BlazeRaze


    Greetings, BlazeRaze here! I study at Beacon Academy! Just graduated at Signal
    me and Ruby are sort of a classmate and CROW Taught both of us how to use
    The most dangerous Weapon which is Scythe. Ruby's Scythe can turn into a gun
    and stuff while Mine can be separated as Swords or transform to a Dual Gun!

    The most Unfair thing happen to my life is Ruby got advance to Beacon even though
    she have 2 years to finish in Signal so yeah! I'm 16 they say my eyes are blue as
    ice my Real name is Raikun a.k.a BlazeRaze as what others call me because of my 
    fighting style and Appearance! So hope we can get along and this is all I can say!

    SEE YA! ♥


    How's that? Haha So Yeah Hope we get along! My favorite Character in RWBY is Blake and Ruby!

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